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Solar benches in Zagreb

At various locations in Zagreb we can find smart benches. Last in the series is set in Retkovac the initiative of City pharmacy. Smart solar benches can be found and in front of The University of Zagreb, and Philosophy and the Faculty of Kinesiology, as well as some shopping centers have resorted to placing these innovative bench.
Smart bench is actually solar bench, with the solar panel located under her seat. This allows the seat to be completely energy independent, and that creates a surplus of electricity that can be used for practical purposes.

Bench in front of City Retkovac pharmacy tried mayor Milan Bandic and the bench except for holidays, at the same time serves for charging cell phones or tablets, has a hotspot for the Internet, and collect other data that are publicly available, eg. Air temperature. At night serves as public lighting, among other things should encourage the use of more sustainable green technology.


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