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New smart solution in Samobor – solar bus stop

Citizens Samobora will now be easier to carry out their daily activities because it will be able to charge their cell phones, and while waiting for the bus. The town of Samobor has invested in new smart solution, solar bus station is set up on two busiest locations in the city, in the center and in the Southern village.

These bus stations enable charging cell phones and tablets, and use Wi-Fi network that will be will be activated in a few days, a lighted LED lighting. It is a Croatian product which is an innovation in the field of environmental protection and increase the quality of life. In addition to solar bus stations, City Samobor set three independent energy smart benches that provide various information, can charge mobile phones and tablets, have installed hotspots at night and serve as the city lights. Among the first cities, Samobor set and a filling station for electric vehicles, and soon throughout the entire city lighting will be replaced by LED lighting.

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