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Innovative solutions


The needs of people are changing every day and our cities, parks and places are not adapted to those needs that modern people desire.

Large cities are the drivers of change and open to innovations that make life easier for their citizens as their primary role. Speed of life and mobile communications are becoming more and more a fact of life as well as the number of smartphones and tablets for which we enable wireless charging and wi-fi on the street, that is, on your daily route. Every citizen wants their city to be a “smart city” that uses technological innovation and allows us to live and work more efficiently in it.

We make this possible and therefore we are developing various solar devices that are fully powered by solar energy or wind power.

The Idea of developing ENERGOMOBIL solar bus stations, solar tree, solar benches and other innovations is created as a result of the desire to foster among citizens awareness about the benefits of the exploitation of renewable energy sources so that they would eventually become part of our everyday life.

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