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Novo pametno rješenje u Samoboru – solarna autobusna stanica

Građani Samobora od sada će lakše obavljati svoje svakodnevne aktivnosti jer će svoje mobitele moći puniti i dok čekaju autobus. Grad Samobor uložio je u novo pametno rješenje, solarne autobusne stanice koje su postavljene na dvije najfrekventnije lokacije u gradu, u samom centru te u Južnom naselju. Ovakve autobusne stanice omogućavaju punjenje mobitela i tableta…
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Innovative solutions

The needs of people are changing every day and our cities, parks and places are not adapted to those needs that modern people desire. Large cities are the drivers of change and open to innovations that make life easier for their citizens as their primary role. Speed of life and mobile communications are becoming more…
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Our Green City

smog zeleni grad

A significant amount of greenhouse gases is created in cities.

More than 80% of the population lives and works in cities, so it is in the cities where the largest consumption of energy is.

Cities and their local authorities are ideally placed to understand the concerns of their citizens.They may face and thus facilitate the reconciliation of different interests as well as the inclusion of RES in the life of the city and the pulse of its citizens.

The synergy of local authorities and their citizens is a key element in the development of our ideas and additional motivation for our engineers to improve the quality of life for each and every one of us.

We design for you!

We design solar equipment for the needs of cities, smaller tourist resorts as well as solar LED lighting, whether it is to light city squares, streets, tourist destinations. Recognizing the need for solar equipment in the creating new spaces, providing alternative solutions, we cooperate with only top suppliers of equipment such as SUNPOWER, SMA, VICTRON ENERGY ... in…
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