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Energomobil brings together an experienced team of professionals who continually explore the market needs and the latest features and achievements of the RES. We design and find solutions for your individual projects and we fit in your every idea lead by the principle of quality, efficiency and high standards of aesthetics and ecology.
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Solar tree was developed as an educational product that helps us in our daily lives and encourages us to reflect on the preservation of our nature and environment. Solar tree brightens our park and it also charges computers and mobile phones as well as serves us as a Wi-Fi zone. Large capacity of solar (photovoltaic)…
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Fully autonomous Energomobil bus stop facilitate our daily journey giving us the possibility of charging cell phones and tablets, and use Wi-fi while waiting for the bus.Energomobil has developed a new product that is entirely designed and manufactured in Croatia. Lighting on bus stops is powered by photovoltaic modules and smart system ENERGOSMART.
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Solar mobile restaurant gives you the ability to always be in the right place and offer your product where there is no electricity. Creative and unique with minimum investment.Every day people are imore and more looking for quick and cheap product (espresso, frozen yoghurt , iced drinks, food ....) which are the main product of…
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